Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hanging baskets Need...

Plants!! So the plan was to go to Dobbies to get some to fill the two hanging baskets that Vin put up yesterday. We had an idea to fill them with pansies or violas or something similar and they have a good selection there, and since it's a while since we were there there we'd have a look round as well.
Beautiful day today, and they did indeed have some nice plants, a big tray full for £4.99 which was good, and lovely colours. I particularly liked some really pretty purple ones. Had a mooch but didn't see anything that shouted out at me, did get some mints from there that we like, and bought Vin an Easter Bunny with ears so he can bite them off.
We bought our coffees today from there, Vin had a flat white and I had a medium Americano which was really nice. Expected the centre to be over run with kidas but actually it was quite quiet really, some about but not too many.
before we went there Vin had been waiting for me to come downstairs, and was talking to our neighbour, who said her cat was seriously ill. She had been to the vets with him and he had been kept in for observation, so they could do an X-ray. Poor homas, he is a real character of a ginger cat, hope he is OK. Vin saw him yesterday sitting on the decking in his garden sunning himself, so it seems to have come on very quickly. Aaaah poor Thomas.
Vin has just come upstairs actually and said "bad news I'm afraid" They couldn't do anything for him and have had to give him the injection. That's sad, and very sudden. Poor Thomas. We'll miss him coming through the garden.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a cheesey sauce and mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread for Vin,
Some green mixed vegetables.

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