Thursday, 10 April 2014

Change of Plan...

Well we were going t go out this morning, but I had a few problems last night, had to get up before six so had a disturbed night for bboth of us. In the end when we got back to sleep again we were late getting up, so it was too late to go anywhere. Doesn't matter actually, Vin found lots to do and I had a bit more of a go on the computer with letters etc.,
We thought ittle Bobby was a bit better and she is a bit, but she is still on and off the litter tray in waves. She is ok for a while and gets a good sleep then she wakes up and it seems to hit her again. Poor little thing, it must be very uncomfortable for her. She has finished al of the tablets the vet gave her, so Vin is deciding what to do with her now. We need to get her back to normal.

At least little Rusty seems to be good at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
Southern fried escalope
bread sauce
Vegetables left over in the fridge
Potato croquettes

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