Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Venture Out...

Since we were up quite early (for us!) we decided to go out as we had planned over the the Aintree retail park. The plan was to go to M&S to get our veggies for the week, and have a bit of a mooch. Vin also wanted to go to the Maplins to check about his faulty memory..not his...the one for the Netbook that he has. I was quite surprised today when he said he had had that for four and a half years, it only seems like a couple of years ago since I bought it for him.
It is getting quite busy there now, the M&S is quite a draw..but we were lucky a van was pulling out as we arrived so got a space near the front.
Vin went off to Halfords for a look and I went into Marks for a mooch. hate the way the clothes are displayed, can never find anything, and I do have to say I am really disappointed with the quality of the clothing. The blouses and shirts are terrible, so thin you can nearly see through them. Wanted a look at handbags but nothing that appealed to me, and very drab colours.  caught up with Vin at the front door and we went up for our coffee. They have re-designed the cafe area and taken out the sofas and replaced them with tables and chairs. It's better actually because there is more room for people to sit down now. Funny t6hing again, busy when we arrived the place got quiet!!
Went downstairs for our food shopping, got all our veggies for the week, I do like Marks veggies..then the things on our list and some treats as well. Always get some nice stuff there.
Tonight we are having:
escalope with gruyere cheese
Carrots beans and broccoli
Baby new potatoes (Jersey Royals)
Hollandaise sauce

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