Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hello Blog!!

Hello Again. Haven't been on here for almost a week now. Started with a blockage about last Wednesday and was bed bound for a few days,till it cleared. just about getting up and around again, but got no energy. I wish I knew what vin was on, he has the energy for everyone.. For example, i was in bed last thursday, and he was downstairs making a lovely batch of marmalade. looked beautiful, orange marmalade with whisky, so he has a good stock now.  Then on the same day he did the brasses over the fireplace and the front. Makes me tired thinking about what he does. And, all that with running up and down the stairs tending to me as well.
What a Star XXXX
Got our first Christmas card today, it is always from the same person, she sends it every year on around the same date. Vin was in the back garden putting the flag back over little Rusty's grave , so now we have a row of little cats. Rusty, Bobby, Lucy and Inky. Most of our little animals. It is terrible without little Rusty and Bobby, so quiet. When bobby went we still had Rusty, but now we don't have any little cats running around. Vin has taken to a little robin in the garden, and I said maybe Rusty has sent it down for him to keep him company. Aaaah !
Food has been all over the place I haven't felt like eating for most of the week, and Vin says he hasn't felt like cooking much on his wn. he has had some pretty nice meals though. he had a really nice pizza and salad last night for his tea. 
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer probably.

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