Thursday, 29 January 2015

Its Snowing!!

Not much really, just a bit and it isn't sticking, at least not here. Reports on  the news show a different story elswhere in the country with roads blocked and some school closed. We seem to be quite lucky on this coastline, it has to be bad for us to get bad snow. There have been a few hailstorms today though and it is cold.
Jane rang up quite early this morning. She was going in to Uni for her oral examfrom the poster that they had to do beforehand. She said the traffic was crawling there in Manchester, the roads were clear but there was more traffic than usual.
We stayed in today, we hadn't planned to go out anywhere anyway, Vin did some of his sorting out, and I had a play on the computer, well not play exactly, just see what is going on with the various sites that I use and FB.
He did get a loaf of bread going, one of the australian mixes, this time a Crusty white. It gets started in the bread machine and then tipped out when that has done the dough cycle and  put into a bread tin to rise. That way you get a proper looking loaf not the weird shape of the bread machine pan.

Tonight we are having:
Amy's kitchen macaroni cheese
Garlic bread for Vin
A few appropriate veggies that are eft.

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