Friday, 26 June 2015

The Mundanity of Life....

Poor Vin...He has really been lumbered with moi.  Seems ages since we went anywhere or did anything really, he must be getting tired of life in the Mac household. Running round after me is making him sigh a lot, and I never wanted that. Fingers crossed for better days eh!
The labels came this morning for us to send the Bose box back to them for repair, trouble is it is extremely difficult to find a box f the right size. You can't buy them anywhere except in numbers for moving etc., He is going to try some places tomorrow to see if he an get hold of something. trouble is it is an odd shape long and also fairly thick which is an unusual shape.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work while she was driving. She had got up reasonably this morning and gone over to the cinema over the road to see "Minions" They are cute little blue and yellow characters, and it is a cartoon film. She said it was really cute, the cinema was very quiet and it was well worth going. So glad she is having some fun at well deserved. Day of big decisions for her on Monday, she is going to Salford where they offered her a job before she got her results, and she does not want to go there. So, she is going to give them their job back and wait ofr M>R>I> to put some jobs up which she says should be soon. Till then she has her job at Ticketmaster which she loves anyway, so she has morny coming in for rent etc.,
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all.

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