Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Very big news here today. Jane has just rung up to say that the results came out at four o'clock and she has passed everything and is now a fully qualified radiographer. Isn't that amazing. It has been a long hard three years but she got there in the end clever girl. She isn't sure what grade she has got but at the very least it is a 2.1 might just be a first, she isn't sure. Fingers crossed! So..well done our Jane.She can have her car now...that was her graduation present a year early because she got it last year :)
Other things going on, I haven't been n for a couple of days because I had another digestive blip, the usual sort of thing, very debillitating but we get there in the end. Poor Vin, is so patient and kind, I must be wearing him out.  It is all so unpleasant and embarrassing but he never complains. Bless him XXXX

Our clever Jane XXXX

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