Thursday, 25 June 2015

Turned Up Again...

Nt been on for a few days again ..another digestive blip which held me back. Wish i knew what is the real cause of them. poor Vin leads a merry dance up and down stairs and getting no sleep, just doesn't seem right somehow. 
The weather has been a bit unpredictabe these days quite nice today and we were able to sit outside this morning with our coffees. Jane rang up for a chat on her way to work, whie she was in her car. She had rung up briefly earlier to give us the number and heading for her professional registration which has to be sent by cheque the only other way was to get a postal order and that would have cost another fourteen pounds. No point in wasting money she says.We had a look at last year's graduation ceremony online and it looks quite nice. It is at The Lowry so should be a nice day. Gosh she has worked so very hard for that, can't believe the time has cme.
Tonight we are having:
Meals are very difficult at the mment. I must be driving Vin mad because there are so many things that I'm a bit wary of eating. 
Last night he had a lovely looking pizza and salad,
I had a blob of mashed potato and a poached egg.

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