Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Out Today !

We escaped the house this morning. Nothing in particular on today, well not until tonight anyway so we went to Costa for a coffee out, and to get a little bit of fresh air. Horrible day here today. very cool and drizzly, Vin had his windscreen wipers going most of the way there. that sort of rain that gets you wet without you realising.
Costa was moderately busy and we had to sit on a table around the corner, not our usual bench seats, but it waas nice anyhow.  Vin had a mocha with a shot of espresso and a beautiful chocolate heart shape on the top, and i had a skinny latte medio which was lovely. i do like Costa coffees they can always be relied on. 
We didn't need any shopping today, but i did want to get some flowers for the kitchen, so spent a whil;e looking. Chose some pink roses for a change and a nice bunch of irises which has done two vases so not too bad.  We shall have to see how long they last. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to Tesco to get a card for her tutor at M.R.I. then off to Greens to get a voucher for a meal to go with it, then off to the hosp  to give her locker key back and have a chat about jobs there. She really doesn't want to go to Salford and wants to stay there so she is going to get the lie of the lanmd. It's all decisions for her, but i really hope she goes where she is happy.
I have a lady coming tonight between 7 and 8 to do my ear wax removal and do the impressions so hopefully we can move on with the insurance claim, and get some new aids. 
Tonight we are going :
Amy's meals mac/cheese
Butternut squash
garlic bread for Vin and mushrooms

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