Friday, 5 June 2015


The main purpose for me today was an appointment with Specsavers at their hearing aid clinic. This was a departure for me because  for years I have been to Ormerods in Southport. However they have moved to within Boots and not as easy to get to. So, since the Specsavers is in Formby nearly fiv/ten mi9nutes away from us I had decided to go there. 
Before we went there, we both had some hone calls to make. Vin had to phone his insurance companies and I had to phone the dietician only got a recorded message so had to leave name address and phone number and they would ring back. They did mid morning and gave me an appointment for the 8th of July, so that was done.
Then off to Formby after a nice little coffee at home. We got there on time, and we were asked in on time too which is a good start. very nice girl who asked me some general history questions then got to some hearing tests. The usual ones invol;ving headphones and a button that you press when you hear specific sounds. Some high pitched some medium and some low sounds.  She said I had some wax build up in my left ear so had to get that cleared then the impressions could be made for the hearing aids. We didn't discuss types of aids but she did say she would put some things in the post. All in all I was very impressed with her, thought she was very good.
All that took half an hour, and we were out by half past one so on the way back called in at the garden centre over the way to get something for the barrel that Vin cleared in the front yesterday. We ended up with some nice little allysum I think they are called. Whites, pinks and purples, and these are not supposed to grow too tall so should be good in the barrel.
Turning out not too bad this afternoon but by no means heatwave weather. Vin is in the garden now loking after the bulbs and might be doing the frnt garden barrel depending on time.

Tonight we are having:
maybe Linda McCartney kievs which are quite tasty,
Any veggies that we have left over in the fride.
Mashed potato from last night.

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