Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Winter in June!!

Very odd last night. We were sitting after our tea watching Corrie and there was a sort of pop and all of the lights dimmedff. We thought at first it was something that had blown in the house but Vin heard all sorts of alarms going off. Then the l9ghts went out completely. We were left in the dark. There was a bit of light from outside but because of the wind and the rainit ws dark in the middle room. Good jb Vin had lit a fire earlier or we would have been cold as well. Anyway the power came back on again later on in the evening at about nineish so we caught up on Corrie on the plus channel!
Today, up early because I had an appointment at Aintree at twenty to eleven, so we needed to leave by tenish. Got there well on time and went straight round to the clinic6 but had to wait a bit, it seemed quite busy, Got weighed and blood pressure taken, then more waiting. Weight gone down again but has gone up a bit due to Vin feeding me puddings. Eventually saw quite a nice doc who asked a lot of questions different ones to Mr Skaife the other week! and was very thorough. He did the blood pressure as well but didn't say how it was doing.  had me sitting down then standing.  He ended up by saying he wanted a scan of some sort and it would involve a day in while they did it. Uuug..more appointments. Poor Vin I do feel sorry for him, it must be a pain taking me there all of the time. 
Left Aintree then we wanted to go to Maghull to take some lights back, and I wanted a few things from Superdrug and take a kimno back to Bon Marche because it was too big. Had a bit of a prob parking in the square so Vin dropped me off outside BMs and he went off to park. I changed the item really quickly but didn't want to buy anything else, so went out to wait for him. Saw a card factory next door so got a birthday card for Anne C., and he caught me up in there. Walked over to Costa then to get coffees. Really nice in there. I had a lovely skinny latte and he had a soya milk latte, and we shared a pack of wafer biscuits. Weather very odd, while we were in there it was alternately sunny and pouring with rain. most people in wintry coats though I notice. 
Went back towards the car and I went into Superdrug while he went round to Home and Bargains, then home for lunch..carrot and coriander soup again.. very nice too.
Well timed delivery of the Emma Bridgewater item that I had ordered for Jane for her graduation. 
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls Linda McCartney ones,
Spaghetti and potato croquettes
Mushrooms for Vin.

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