Monday, 15 June 2015

Back Again !!

Like the proverbial...been away for a few days. Started with a phone call from Aintree to say they had a bed for me that day !!!! was supposed to be an overnight stay, it was for a CT scan with a special contrast so I needed to be admitted for renal function observation. Then it turned into a two day stay. Did the scan on Thurs which was clear apart from a lung infection which I am being treated for now, and blood pressure problem which is called postural hypotension. This means when you are sitting down your blood pressure is fine, but when you stand it drops drramatically. This was probably why I fell down the stairs. and up the stairs for that matter. So, I escaped on Sunday on another set of tablets, which touch wood seem to be working. 
While I was in there Jane rang on Friday to say she had her results, and wanted us to know first. She had been to her badge ceremony that morning, and the results we4re emailed through to them. She got a FIRST !!!! Isn't that amazing. So well done, and so well deserved, she has worked incredibly hard for that. All the way through at Ticketmaster during the evenings at weekends with barely a break with her placements.  She has a job at Salford, but isn't sure about that at all. She quite wants to stay at M.R.I. where she is happy and likes the people. Tricky decision.  We are delighted for her, gosh has she worked for that. Well done our jane. Only four in the year too so really well done XXX
Poor Vin is having a bit of a breather today he has been visiting me of course twice a day bless him, which is tiring in itself. I rang the community dietician to cancel the appointment there in July since I saw a dietician oin Aintree last week.  Vin has rung Specsavers to enquiere about the hearing aids which we haven't heard about. They have left a message at Southport for the girl tomorrow.  So, all underway. 
Two proud parents and a clever girl. XXX

Tonight we are having:
pizza and salad for Vin with a pasta side salad
Poached eggon a slice of my toast for moi.

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