Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Well it turned into a busy day what with everything going on. 
We got up earlyish because we were expecting the district nurse to dress my legs as ordered by Aintree Hosp. In the event she arrived about three o'clock so we were waiting round most of the day and beginning to think that no-one was coming.  Anyway she did and will come again on Friday, then it will be a case of go to a dressing clinic somewhere. 
Also contacted by Specsavers because we hadn't heard from them Vin had rung yesterday. The lady said she would contact the audiologist and ring back. She did and gave us the number of the lady who does ear wax removal. Duly rung and she is coming tomorrow between 7 and 8 to do that. £30.  She will also do the impressions for the moulds so that's moving forward. 
Jane rang this morning too to ask if I could write a cheque for her professional registration fee. Delighted to do that anyway. It appears that they will only accept a checque or postal order, but you pay another £14 for one of those! and she says it is a waste of money. Good for her! She is off to see Jurassic World tonight with one of the boys from Ticketmaster, they are going to a late showing at a cinema in Manchester. Nice to see her having a bit of fun XXX
Vin sorted out his pension plans and insurances so he did a lot of that today. He seems too be a bit further on now with that. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with salad and pasta salad for Vin
Poached egg on a slice of bread for moi. I actually had an omelette last night.

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