Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bits and Bobs...

I was due for a visit from the physiotherapist this morning at ten o'clock, and we had pondered going outbut in the end couldn't think of anywhere in particular so we stopped in instead. 
The physiotherapist lady who is really nice gave me some sheets of exercises to do to strengthen my leg and thigh muscles, quite simple things really some I can do while sitting down and others to do when standing up. I'm sure Vin will make sure that I do them. :) She has signed me off now. 
So in the end we stayed here. He cleared the front garden, got the barrel emptied which was full of the daffodil leaves and stalks, and he has got them drying out in the back garden now. He also rang the LV and renewed the home insurance, which means when I have had my hearing appointment tomorrow the broken hearing aid can be dealt with.  Got two letters today, one for the eye screening which is in July at Litherland town hall centre so easy to get to, and there isn't usually any waiting. The other to ring for an appointment with the dietician in Netherton so will have to ring tomorrow for that.
Jane rang up just before I came up here to say she was on her way into work, but that she had the results of her vivas and she had passed that plus one of her assignments. The oral was the one she was really worried about because she didn't answer one of the questions but it can't have mattered. I am thrilled for her it is another step further. 

They were lovely while they were growing wonder if they will last for next year. 
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, 
Veggies from the fridge..butternut squash, carrots broccoli etc.,
Mashed potato and swede.

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