Monday, 1 June 2015

Hares and Rabbits..Again...

My goodness how the months are flying by. here we are in June today, and supposed to be the summer now. However, we have the heaters on and the lights on because it is dark. What is going on?  The newspapers do say that we are supposed to get a heatwave at the end of the week! believe that when it happens!!
Stayed in today because we are out tomorrow, I hae an appointment at Aintree at the renal clinic. They rang up before to remin d us, but we knew anyway.All our appointments are written on the calendar.
I started off with a lovely shower using the new board which is great, bedding being done but not hung out because it is drizzling today and quite blowy.  Vin has made a beautiful loaf in the bread machine. Pumpkin seed bread this time, and presently the house smells absolutely gorgeous. I don't think there is any smell in a house that is nicer than the smell of baking bread.
He is presently outside braving the drizzle cementing the hole where the old clematis used to be. He cut a paving stone to fit and is now cementing royund that. What a clever boy ghe is..he can turn his hand to anything.From breadmaking to cementing in one morning!
Jane rang up earrlier to say that she is having her M.R.I. scan this afternoon becauswe she was in the department and had said she was due for one, so they said they had a gap this afternoonand could fit her in. One of the perks of the job.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and green salad for Vin
Pasta and chargrilled mushroom side salad
A poached egg for me possibly.

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