Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Free To Roam...

What that means is that we have a free day, that is one without appointments of any sort. Pretty rare at the moment. So, we decidid to go and use our free coffee vouchers at Dobbies before they disappear into the mists of time. Vin rings ahead and orders a wheelchair for me because hobbling round is a bit difficult at the moment. Especially since the last District Nurse who is lovely got a bit carried away with the dressing and put so much padding on my right foot it is twice the size of the other one and is quite difficult to walk on actually.  
Started off in the foodie bit and got a couple of things we wanted, then had a look at the plants. I spotted something that caught my eye, green leaves and a lovely deep red flower, can't remember the name of it but it will fill a plant pot that currently has nothing much but weeds in it. Went back later and got one of those. Then it was the coffee and biscuit, we take our own biscuits so it doesn't cost us anything :) Two beautiful large lattes, lovely pattern on the top of a leaf, and large cups. Beautiful very generous coffees, very enjoyable. Sit and chat and people watching for half an hour or a bit more. 
Home via Tesco for a few bits and groceries that we needed for tonights tea. Coffee was very filling so I had a yogurt for lunch. 
Nice morning out.

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