Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"The Mousetrap"

No not that one! This lovely little cat who looks like butter wouldn't melt, brought in a mouse last night, at least we think it did. 
So today the job was to go and get a humane mousey trap from Homebase. And...with Homebase being right opposite Tesco's guess where we went. Right..Costa. Vin went into HB first then it was over the road to Cossta. Parked up so I used my wheels to get there, I had a skinny Cappuccino and Vin had a popcorn latte. Gorgeous. Trouble is it fills you up,so a very light lunch later.
Extremely cold today for the middle of June. Real downpours of rain too, not very summery weather at all. certainly not sitting out in the garden weather. 
This is Vins homemade hanging basket which is doing really well now, got flowers all over it. 

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