Monday, 20 June 2016

Numb Nose!!

Just another Monday! The district nursie this morning and the dentist in the afternoon.Getting to be a little routine.
That was. the last visit to the dentist though all my fillings done now and broken teeth repaired.Hence the numb nose!! Vin has just brought me my lunchtime antibiotics and glass of orange to swill them down which I have just dribbled down my front!!! :) Hope it goes before I have my afternoon coffee.
The nursie this morning was nice and didn't put so much padding on as the last one.Even the dentist noticed the difference.
Today is the first day of summer. We wokeup this morning to dull dark and rainy weather. It has brightened up as the afternoon went on though and is now quite sunny but not exsctly warm.I think Vin has ventured into the garden though. He went to the garden centre yesterday and bought two new lavender plants for the little pots that are on the steps of the patio. I love lavenders and they are good for bees too.
The little square pots that are on the steps that our lovely little Rusty is just walking to. They did have some lavenders in them but they didn't really grow very well.So it is try again with two more.

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