Monday, 27 June 2016

Got one Missed one...

Well sometimes things don't go according to plan. We should have had the District nurse this morning and a Diabetic appointment at Aintree in the afternoon. We stayed in all morning but no-one arrived. We had our coffee about twelveish but still no sign, we were beginning to think they had forgotten us so got ready to go off to Aintree. Got there for my yearly appointment for diabetic review, and surprisingly nobody in the waiting area. I'm not used to thst, it is usually very busy, but I wasn't complaining. Called into the little room for the weight, blood pressure, urine test, and blood tests The bloke doing the bloods also did my one for the renal clinic, so that was a bonus as that saved me from having to go seperately.. All done, sit in the waiting area again. Vin caught me up there after parking the car, very quickly too I might add.
The doctor called me in then really quickly too. Turned out he was the lovely smiley friendly chinese doctor who let me go the last time I was in the ambulatory ward having fluids. He went through all of everything, medications, feet, eyes, the lot and the end result is that he was very pleased with the way things were going all seems to be on an even keel. Nice and steady. Next appointment is for a year hence. !
Lunchtime for us was butties in the co-op car park which is actually quite pleasant. Then Vin goes into the supermarket to get some bits for the week.  Home by four. Good going this afternoon. Found a card on the doorstep from the District nurse, who came at two thirty which is unfortunate but can't be helped.

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