Friday, 17 June 2016


Mine that is, not the cat!. Today was a change from the usual podiatry appointment which is normally on a Wednesday,this one today was the one where you see the Doctorbut today it was the one I like, lovely smiley chapwho tells you how it is. Apparently the right foot is getting there slowly just taki9ng time. Not for want of attention I might add.Twice a week from the district nurses and once eevery week from the girls at the podiatry clinic. What a great bunch of people in the N.H.S.
Since we had an earlyish appointment we went for a coffee afterwards and Vin drove us to the Aintree retail park where there is a Costa. Wouldn't mind shares in that company, they must be making a fortune. We both had medium cappuccinos mine was a plain one Vin had one with popcorn flavour syrup. I thought it soundedd awful but it was actually very nice, and made with soya milk.We shared a little bag of shortbread biscuits shaped like little flowers..Aaaah! Both came wwith a beautiful palm tree done in chocolate on the top, seemed a shame to spoil them by drinking them! The only trouble is that they fill you up so you don't want any lunch. 
Tootsie (the cat one) is a funny little thing. Must put some more pics online to choose from. I'm not very good at using the media technology there are some somewhere but as yet I haven't workedd out where!

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