Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eventful Day!!

Certainly up with the larks this morning. We had to be at Aintree for an M.R.I. scan at eight o'clock, so we had set the alarms for six to allow plenty of time to get ready.  I kept waking up through the night though and must have driven poor Vin mad by asking him what time it was each time ! Anyway we did get up on time, indeed early enough to have a little coffee and biscuit before getting ready.
The roads were really quiet, I was expecting it to be a lot busier. Vin dropped me off at the front entrance and went to park the car, he was back in a couple of minutes because the car park had loads of spaces!!  We actually got to the radiology department before it opened, the shutters were still down, so we went and waited at the front for a bit,, and then went back.They did the scan on my foot, took quite a while actually first with the foot up and then with the foot flat on the board. We were done and dusted by nine so we went for our breakfast to Costa on the retail park. I had a lovely flat white and Vin had an Americano, and we both had rounds of toast, butter and marmalade each. I do have to say at this stage that their toast is absolutely gorgeous. Crispy yet not over crisp. Beautiful.!
The Costa was full of men having business meetings over their food and drinks, papers spread over the tables! I'm glad I'm not working!! 
Home by ten thirty,little Tootsie at the door waiting for  usually we are just getting up and moving by then! Post arrived with another appointment letter, and the courier a bit later with a parcel with my re-ordered nail varnishes from QVC.I thought it was the wrong order but I have decided to keep them because the colours are quite nice anyway.
Lovelylong letter from our John in Australia. Really interesting read telling me of some of the things that occurred when he was younger. It took the form of a "Whatif" series It is odd the direction that life takes and the choices you make that affect the whole of your life.
Quite cool today, in fact I am sitting here with the heater on and it is the first of July tomorrow!
  Waiting at the door.

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