Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Foot and Mouth!

Indeed foot and mouth day today.  The district nursey came this morning quite early actually before we were ready, I was still in my pyjamas actually. They don't seem to mind though. This is the one who puts loads of padding on and I thought the padding that she did on Monday was big enough the one dressing that she did thios morning is even bigger! so much so that we can barely put the shoe on!.Ah well I am at the podiatry clinic on Friday so they will put that right.  Had a nice mid morning coffee  and a lunch of a pot of yogurt because I was still full of coffee then it was the dentist at three o'clock. Yet another filling with some more on Monday.   At least the dentist is only two doors down so Vin doesn't have to ferry me anywhere. 
Little Tootsie is in and out as usual, doesn't come near me much but has a lovely rub of Vins legs wgen sh wants feeding. 

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