Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Toes and Things!

Lovely and Summery today, blue skies and lots os sunshine at last. Routine morning did without our usual coffees and had an earlier lunch instead, because the Podiatry appointment was going to be a double one. Foot dressings followed by a date with an orthoptist who makes proper orthopaedic shoes and was going to fit them, or one of them today. 
Podiatry went well foot is getting there slowly but is healing no doubt due to the very diligent attention given by the district nurses and the podiatry girls. The chap from the shoe fitting brought a pair of shoes in order to try them on and decided they need some adjustment. The shoes look quite nice actually I was quite surprised. Thought they were going to be clodhoppers!
That was all quite quick so we headed ff home nice and early. Vin wanted to get some compost and a couple more plants from the garden centre on the way back so that is where we went. Then he surprised me by turning into the posher garden centre for a little coffee in their new coffee shop cafe area, which is a complete change from what it used to be like. Lovely decor, and very nice tables and sofas etc., And...a really lovely coffee to boot. What a treat Bless him. I really enjoyed that.  Thankyou Vin I enjoyed that.

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