Monday, 13 June 2016


Monday has dawned dull and rainy with drizzle and some big raindrops.  Quite cool too.
The district nurse came fairly early to do the dressing on my foot and has given me a foot which is as big as two feet bound together. Well protected though.  This afternoon I have an appointment at the dentist which is two doors down at two thirty..the obvious joke I didn't say. It is for a filling and is an awkward one so is a double appointment. Suppose I will have a numb mouth for the rest of the evening after that.Broke some teeth while I was in hospital so it is quite a big repair jobbie.He said it is a combination of poor health, medications and the diabetes. Just falling to bits really. :) :) 
Television is mostly football at the momentso we are taking the opportunity to catch up pon some of the things we had recorded while I was away. Watched a very good Vera last night, a good story well acted, always enjoy those. 
Short and sweet today mainly because I am going down for my nice ca cappuccino now :) :) 

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