Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Mostly today has centred aroubd my podiatry appointment at two-thirty. Here I must say Hats off to Vin for organising all of my appointments and getting me there and back so patiently. Often waiting for long periods while we wait for the appointment or going for prescriptions etc. He is one of life's true stars and I will always be thankful for him. XXX
Todays podiatry one was at two thirty so we had our coffees then took our sandwiches with us to have in the co-op car park when we had finished. It is actually quite nice sitting there watching people come and go. There is a little primary school nearby so parents drive into the car park go and collect their kids then drive out again.You see the same people each time, for example the little obvious grandad who collects his granddaughter. Sometimes they drive straight off but today they went into the shop. All shapes and sizes and a lot of young mums and also young dads too.Sign of the times1
After we had our lunch Vin went into the shop to get a few things we needed like veggies and a flan for tea.Then home for a baby coffee and a bit of a mooch before the evening. That means me on the computer and vin in the garden playing with the cat. 

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