Monday, 17 October 2016


Well today we had planned to go to Dobbies, but woke up to a grey and wet Monday morning so that sort of changed our plans, and we decided to stay in instead. Didn't matter, we can go another day in the week. We are out tomorrow Aintr
Vin decided to do the bedding which was overdue he reckoned. Whilst we were at it he rang up and ordered a new bed quilt which we had spotted in the House of Bath catalogue. It is a nice New England style one which suits us. We have a summery one of theirs which we ordered some time ago in a double size but it is absolutely massive, so we have gone for a single one as we reckon it will be plenty big enough. Four weeks delivery apparently.
I tinkered about on the computer and Vin did the same in the kitchen, then we had a lovely coffee at about twelveish. I fancied a Macchiato and Vin the same, it's ages since I have had one of those and I really enjoyed it. Vin had the same...copycat :) Then hair washes for us both, and it was pretty much lunch time. 
A bit more computing for me in the afternoon, Vin sorted out a few things in the garden mainly clearing out the hanging baskets, which have been lovely all summer but have now had it really. Shame but when we do go to Dobbies maybe we will spot something to replace them.

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