Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Autumnal Outing..

Woke up this morning to a beautiful Autumn day for a change. Unlike Monday when it was wet and grey, today was sunny and blue skies. Whaat a difference. So we decided to go to Dobbies that we had planned to do on Monday but put off because of the rain.
Got up and going quite  early, so went off there
There were a few things that we needed like shortbreads, and bulbs etc.He parked outside and went in for a wheelchair for me. Had a good look round first to see what they had, they are always well stocked and have the Christmas things out. Then we went to have a look for some bulbs for the barrel. We like miniature daffodils, so they don't get too tall.  Then we went for our free coffees, we both had Latte's which were really nice, gorgeous creamy frothy tops with a great leaf pattern to them. Bit of people watching, always enjoyable. Then off to get our shopping, bulbs, biscuits and assorted shortbreads, so stocked up again.
Home again by about a quarter to one , lunch later then a bit ogf a mooch for me on the computer and Vin in the garden.

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