Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Busier than Yesterday!

Yesterday all we seemed to do was hang around waiting for people and no-one came. Today it was the opposite, yesterday Vin was waiting to catch the man who does a lot of work locally on roofs etc., but he kept missing him, also we waited all day for the district nurse who never came. Then in the afternoon he caught up with the roofing man who said he would have a look at the chimney stack and give him a price for pointing. He also rang the health centre in Thornton which is the centre for the district nurses and left a message.
So it all came right today, the roofinga man left a parice for the chimney work which he did this morning.  He took a picture on his phone of the problem  ( isnn't that great! ) and did the work this morning for £100, pointed the stack etc., and took another picture of the finished work.  Then while he was here the district nurse arrived to do my dressings. A lovely woman called Maureen. She was a retired sister from Aintree who had got tired of not working and so enrolled on one of the agencies to work part time.  Really good she was too, and very friendly. 
Quite nice to have a busy day though!  This afternoon Vin rang up to order some new sofa covers and we went for the green in the end. That will make a nice change for the middle room.

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