Thursday, 20 October 2016

One in One Out!

That's  me in and Vin out. He wanted to have a look at Homebase in Formby at heaters, and also at Tesco to get a very few bits to keep us going. 
Unfortunately I was slow getting going this morning as I normally am in the mornin, I don't really "do" mornings so he was a bit late going, my fault. :(  He rang up after a bit to say how busy Tesco was and he was off to Homebase over the way. Then he phoned again  he had bought a heater, one of the stages of re-vamping the  middle room that we use most of all.He has sent off for some material swatches for some new covers for the two sofas that we have in there, so we are waiting to see what the colours are like. The heater that he came back with is Dimplex which looks nice and white and hopefully a nice quiet one unlike the fan heater that we have in there at the moment.  The Dimplex is made in England too which pleases him
 This is us on one of the sofas on New Years Eve, I feel the cold, always have hence the blanket. 

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