Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Planting Hanging Baskets

We  were thinking about going out today for a coffee  but in the end decided not , mainly because we  are out tomorrow at the Podiatry clinic so will be outthen. So we stayed in. Well I did, Vin went to the garden centre over the way to get some planting compost. He is planning to do a hanging basket for the front of the house. He also went along to Tesco to get some petrol, abut £29 worth.The car was quite low, so was well ready for filling up. 
Then it was home for our coffees.I had a lovely cappiccino and Vin had one of his inventions! Both lovely. Sat  watching a Judge Rinder then a bit of lunch. A quite funny case involving a mother and daughter and a tractor. 
This afternoon I amup here and Vin is in the garden doing his basket.Green bin due but not been emptied yet which is annoying Vin not only because  the grey bin is due tomorrow and it is looking like there will be a line of bins on the pavements  in the morning.
Our Jane is on nights tonight so will be ringing about six thirty, on her way to work. I still their hours are rubbish.Must be terribly hard to get into a routine.

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