Friday, 28 October 2016

Two Day's Worth!

Have an unexpected free day today, mainly because I should have been in Aintree having an operation on my toe, but they rang up to cancel it. The surgeon Mr Butcher is off sick. Then in the morning I also hada phone call from the nice girls in podiatry to ask if we could go at 1.30 instead of 3.30. The answer was yes straightaway it is a much better time for us. Got there on time and pretty much went straight in. Had the feet undressed and inspected by the Dr., on duty a very nice Professor Gill. Jo and he thought they looked better, and were commenting on the cancellation, so I said does the toe have to come off then? He said that I didn't need to keep taking the antibiotics so to stop them when this course was finished. Lovely man, and sent me along for an x-ray. When I returned to have my foot dressed to finish he came in for a chat, and said it looked better and might not need  the big toe removing and he would write a letter to Mr Butcher telling him what he had noted on the x-ray.  I like him:) :) 
Came home via the Lady Green garden centre and squeezed in our free coffees for October. Very nice too, and did a little bit of shopping as well.
Today was not the early get up because we weren't going off to Aintree,so got up normally had a leisurely breakfast and I did a bit of computing. Made an appointment for an eye test at Specsavers for Tuesday at 1.00. Haven't been for five years, so am ready for a test. Need a pair that is a bit more fashionable, I am thinking of a bigger pair of frames so I can have a more visible bifocal area. I shall have to look online to see what they have first. 

I like Jane's on the right they are a good size.

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