Friday, 14 October 2016

Home Yet Again!!!

Yes, again! This time from 
Southport Hospital. A first for moi.
Last Thursday morning I got up to go to the bathroom, and don't remember any more. Vin must have found me in there in a collapsed state he couldn't get me round from so he rang for an ambulance, which took me to Southport. usual tests done and blood tests revealed that sodium levels were too low again,so they admitted me. Ende4d up on ward 15B which was a high tech area of four beds so not as packed in as Aintree.I was in a corner unit but there was a lot more space than I have been used to at Aintree. Your menus are selected via your television screen and a touch screen, but stillmostly reduced to egg or cheese sandwiches and not always on white bread either, you don't have choice there :) Terrible sheets and blankets so thin you could nearly see through them. Lovely staff though,did the usual pestering till they let me home, and evaentually on Thursday it worked and they let me go. Thank the Lord I didn't have to stay in for another weekend. I HATE weekends in Hospital, Lovely to sleep in my own bed tonight,with a fluffy warm duvet and the electaric blanket, and Vin to chatter to.
Poor Vin, he has had a terrible week again, backwards and forwards to Southport, fixing me sandwiches to keep me going and cooking himself meals etc., he did say tahis morning he had had the best nights sleep he had for ages Bless him. 
Our Jane rang up every day too which was lovely, given athat she is on all sorts of horrible shifts.
So, back to a bit of routine.Thank goodness, we have stayed in today, and just had a nice quiet day.  

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