Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Best Foot Forward!

Most of today was centred around 
my podiatry appointment. Woke up to a abright sunny day which looked nice for going out, then it turned into a horrible rainy, cold grey day. Complete opposite to yesterday actually.
I did some computing and Vin did some ironing so was pretty busy. Coffee at about twelve, a really really nice cappuccino, I like those because they are on the small side so don't fill you up too much.nThen up to get ready to go out, got ready on time and out fairly well, somuch so that we got there early.
As soon as I sat down Cathy came for me so we started early. She had been on her sailing holiday to greece and was telling me of how she had been wrecked! had to be saved and everything. All very dramatic.She did say the holiday company had been very good though and sorted everything out for them.
When finished there we went along the road to the Co-OP to get a few bits. Had our lunch there and Vin went and got some bits and bobs, but he did say that there were a lot of empty spaces on the shelves.no flans for example. Not very good at stocking up the shelves there. 
Home to a really wet and blowy and cold day.Soon be time for a fire. 

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