Monday, 24 October 2016

Decisions...Decisions !

We have sat around all day waiting for the District Nurse, who didn't come so Vin has just given the health centre a ring and left a message. Now we wait for an answer. 
Then after lunch we sat looking at swatches of colours for replacement sofa covers. This has actually proved to be quite difficult. Vin rang the firm the other day to get some samples which are a bit different from the original ones that we had to choose from. These are for the Winter so we wanted a darker colour so we could rule out the paler ones straight away. We fancied the colour called damson but when it arrived it wasn't anything like the colour that we had imagined. The only colour we were left with was Wine  which is virtually 
 the same as what we have on now. Then we looked again at Green which we had set aside originally but then have decided that is  the one we want to go for.quite nice after all.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her dinner break. She is a bit annoyed that she is working every Sunday in January which seems very unfair to me. Can't see that being very popular with the staff. Poor girl. She is on an eighat ato eight today so is going for a burrito after work as a treat also because she has a half price voucher too. Well deserved!!
 Comfy Sofas !!!

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