Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Everything revolved around the Podiatry appointment today.So basically all our timings weremoved forward,early coffee  and Vin prepared some sandwiches to take with us. Traffic wasn't too badso we got there a bit early and our appointment was quite early too. The girl was quite quick, and she puta some new dressings, and also gave me some new sandals which are designed to me walkk on my heels rather than my tiptoes. Bit awkward to deal with but we will probably  get used to them.
Then off along to the Co-Op for some bits of shopping andour sandwiches in the car park. We call it our little picnic!.
Then Vin went into the shop,got his bits but unfortunately they didn't have any flans which is a shame because We like their flans. Never mind. Then home via Wango Lane which wasn't to bad actually. 
Unfortunately when we got home the hanging basket at the front of the hoise was on thee garden path on tahe floor, a real shame because it was really pretty. Must have blown down because there didn't seem to be anything broken, but it was qquite gusty. Aaah poor little thing it had some lovely violas, Vin is out at the front mending it.

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