Monday, 31 October 2016


Yep Halloween come round again, mind you we don't actually get bothered too much here, having said that we will probably get the doorbell ringing off the hook now!
A bit of a frustrating day today, the Internet was being terrible today, wouldn't latch on properly at all. Kept going off and on again. Awful when it does that. Really irritating. 
Other than that it was  reasonably ordinary. The district  nurse came this morning, she was the really funny mad one who really makes you laugh.  Also a delivery from Aranesp of the injections that I do every two Saturdays. 
Tomorrow I have an eye appointment at Specsavers, it is 5 years since I went there so more than ready for that. Vin has been his usual busy self

Friday, 28 October 2016

Two Day's Worth!

Have an unexpected free day today, mainly because I should have been in Aintree having an operation on my toe, but they rang up to cancel it. The surgeon Mr Butcher is off sick. Then in the morning I also hada phone call from the nice girls in podiatry to ask if we could go at 1.30 instead of 3.30. The answer was yes straightaway it is a much better time for us. Got there on time and pretty much went straight in. Had the feet undressed and inspected by the Dr., on duty a very nice Professor Gill. Jo and he thought they looked better, and were commenting on the cancellation, so I said does the toe have to come off then? He said that I didn't need to keep taking the antibiotics so to stop them when this course was finished. Lovely man, and sent me along for an x-ray. When I returned to have my foot dressed to finish he came in for a chat, and said it looked better and might not need  the big toe removing and he would write a letter to Mr Butcher telling him what he had noted on the x-ray.  I like him:) :) 
Came home via the Lady Green garden centre and squeezed in our free coffees for October. Very nice too, and did a little bit of shopping as well.
Today was not the early get up because we weren't going off to Aintree,so got up normally had a leisurely breakfast and I did a bit of computing. Made an appointment for an eye test at Specsavers for Tuesday at 1.00. Haven't been for five years, so am ready for a test. Need a pair that is a bit more fashionable, I am thinking of a bigger pair of frames so I can have a more visible bifocal area. I shall have to look online to see what they have first. 

I like Jane's on the right they are a good size.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Quiet Wednesday !

Not really, well, not for Vin anyway! He is back to hiis usual busy self doing this and that. He has contacted the Scottish Power Company to go "online" so that saves a lot of money apparently.Well Done.
He also took a prescription over to the Dr's for a repeat and so got a stock on those. and in between getting breakfasts and lunches was kept going all morning. Oh and doing a fire clear out too because we had a lovely coal fire last night, the first of the Autumn/Winter season. Carrot and Coriander soup for lunch too, the first of the year. 
Me, not a lot. A bit of computing this morning. Thinking about Friday, the bit I'm dreading is  the getting up to get there for 7.30 !! Goodness knows what time we will have to get up for.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Busier than Yesterday!

Yesterday all we seemed to do was hang around waiting for people and no-one came. Today it was the opposite, yesterday Vin was waiting to catch the man who does a lot of work locally on roofs etc., but he kept missing him, also we waited all day for the district nurse who never came. Then in the afternoon he caught up with the roofing man who said he would have a look at the chimney stack and give him a price for pointing. He also rang the health centre in Thornton which is the centre for the district nurses and left a message.
So it all came right today, the roofinga man left a parice for the chimney work which he did this morning.  He took a picture on his phone of the problem  ( isnn't that great! ) and did the work this morning for £100, pointed the stack etc., and took another picture of the finished work.  Then while he was here the district nurse arrived to do my dressings. A lovely woman called Maureen. She was a retired sister from Aintree who had got tired of not working and so enrolled on one of the agencies to work part time.  Really good she was too, and very friendly. 
Quite nice to have a busy day though!  This afternoon Vin rang up to order some new sofa covers and we went for the green in the end. That will make a nice change for the middle room.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Decisions...Decisions !

We have sat around all day waiting for the District Nurse, who didn't come so Vin has just given the health centre a ring and left a message. Now we wait for an answer. 
Then after lunch we sat looking at swatches of colours for replacement sofa covers. This has actually proved to be quite difficult. Vin rang the firm the other day to get some samples which are a bit different from the original ones that we had to choose from. These are for the Winter so we wanted a darker colour so we could rule out the paler ones straight away. We fancied the colour called damson but when it arrived it wasn't anything like the colour that we had imagined. The only colour we were left with was Wine  which is virtually 
 the same as what we have on now. Then we looked again at Green which we had set aside originally but then have decided that is  the one we want to go for.quite nice after all.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her dinner break. She is a bit annoyed that she is working every Sunday in January which seems very unfair to me. Can't see that being very popular with the staff. Poor girl. She is on an eighat ato eight today so is going for a burrito after work as a treat also because she has a half price voucher too. Well deserved!!
 Comfy Sofas !!!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

One in One Out!

That's  me in and Vin out. He wanted to have a look at Homebase in Formby at heaters, and also at Tesco to get a very few bits to keep us going. 
Unfortunately I was slow getting going this morning as I normally am in the mornin, I don't really "do" mornings so he was a bit late going, my fault. :(  He rang up after a bit to say how busy Tesco was and he was off to Homebase over the way. Then he phoned again  he had bought a heater, one of the stages of re-vamping the  middle room that we use most of all.He has sent off for some material swatches for some new covers for the two sofas that we have in there, so we are waiting to see what the colours are like. The heater that he came back with is Dimplex which looks nice and white and hopefully a nice quiet one unlike the fan heater that we have in there at the moment.  The Dimplex is made in England too which pleases him
 This is us on one of the sofas on New Years Eve, I feel the cold, always have hence the blanket. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Autumnal Outing..

Woke up this morning to a beautiful Autumn day for a change. Unlike Monday when it was wet and grey, today was sunny and blue skies. Whaat a difference. So we decided to go to Dobbies that we had planned to do on Monday but put off because of the rain.
Got up and going quite  early, so went off there
There were a few things that we needed like shortbreads, and bulbs etc.He parked outside and went in for a wheelchair for me. Had a good look round first to see what they had, they are always well stocked and have the Christmas things out. Then we went to have a look for some bulbs for the barrel. We like miniature daffodils, so they don't get too tall.  Then we went for our free coffees, we both had Latte's which were really nice, gorgeous creamy frothy tops with a great leaf pattern to them. Bit of people watching, always enjoyable. Then off to get our shopping, bulbs, biscuits and assorted shortbreads, so stocked up again.
Home again by about a quarter to one , lunch later then a bit ogf a mooch for me on the computer and Vin in the garden.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Best Foot Forward!

Most of today was centred around 
my podiatry appointment. Woke up to a abright sunny day which looked nice for going out, then it turned into a horrible rainy, cold grey day. Complete opposite to yesterday actually.
I did some computing and Vin did some ironing so was pretty busy. Coffee at about twelve, a really really nice cappuccino, I like those because they are on the small side so don't fill you up too much.nThen up to get ready to go out, got ready on time and out fairly well, somuch so that we got there early.
As soon as I sat down Cathy came for me so we started early. She had been on her sailing holiday to greece and was telling me of how she had been wrecked! had to be saved and everything. All very dramatic.She did say the holiday company had been very good though and sorted everything out for them.
When finished there we went along the road to the Co-OP to get a few bits. Had our lunch there and Vin went and got some bits and bobs, but he did say that there were a lot of empty spaces on the flans for example. Not very good at stocking up the shelves there. 
Home to a really wet and blowy and cold day.Soon be time for a fire. 

Monday, 17 October 2016


Well today we had planned to go to Dobbies, but woke up to a grey and wet Monday morning so that sort of changed our plans, and we decided to stay in instead. Didn't matter, we can go another day in the week. We are out tomorrow Aintr
Vin decided to do the bedding which was overdue he reckoned. Whilst we were at it he rang up and ordered a new bed quilt which we had spotted in the House of Bath catalogue. It is a nice New England style one which suits us. We have a summery one of theirs which we ordered some time ago in a double size but it is absolutely massive, so we have gone for a single one as we reckon it will be plenty big enough. Four weeks delivery apparently.
I tinkered about on the computer and Vin did the same in the kitchen, then we had a lovely coffee at about twelveish. I fancied a Macchiato and Vin the same, it's ages since I have had one of those and I really enjoyed it. Vin had the same...copycat :) Then hair washes for us both, and it was pretty much lunch time. 
A bit more computing for me in the afternoon, Vin sorted out a few things in the garden mainly clearing out the hanging baskets, which have been lovely all summer but have now had it really. Shame but when we do go to Dobbies maybe we will spot something to replace them.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Home Yet Again!!!

Yes, again! This time from 
Southport Hospital. A first for moi.
Last Thursday morning I got up to go to the bathroom, and don't remember any more. Vin must have found me in there in a collapsed state he couldn't get me round from so he rang for an ambulance, which took me to Southport. usual tests done and blood tests revealed that sodium levels were too low again,so they admitted me. Ende4d up on ward 15B which was a high tech area of four beds so not as packed in as Aintree.I was in a corner unit but there was a lot more space than I have been used to at Aintree. Your menus are selected via your television screen and a touch screen, but stillmostly reduced to egg or cheese sandwiches and not always on white bread either, you don't have choice there :) Terrible sheets and blankets so thin you could nearly see through them. Lovely staff though,did the usual pestering till they let me home, and evaentually on Thursday it worked and they let me go. Thank the Lord I didn't have to stay in for another weekend. I HATE weekends in Hospital, Lovely to sleep in my own bed tonight,with a fluffy warm duvet and the electaric blanket, and Vin to chatter to.
Poor Vin, he has had a terrible week again, backwards and forwards to Southport, fixing me sandwiches to keep me going and cooking himself meals etc., he did say tahis morning he had had the best nights sleep he had for ages Bless him. 
Our Jane rang up every day too which was lovely, given athat she is on all sorts of horrible shifts.
So, back to a bit of routine.Thank goodness, we have stayed in today, and just had a nice quiet day.  

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Everything revolved around the Podiatry appointment today.So basically all our timings weremoved forward,early coffee  and Vin prepared some sandwiches to take with us. Traffic wasn't too badso we got there a bit early and our appointment was quite early too. The girl was quite quick, and she puta some new dressings, and also gave me some new sandals which are designed to me walkk on my heels rather than my tiptoes. Bit awkward to deal with but we will probably  get used to them.
Then off along to the Co-Op for some bits of shopping andour sandwiches in the car park. We call it our little picnic!.
Then Vin went into the shop,got his bits but unfortunately they didn't have any flans which is a shame because We like their flans. Never mind. Then home via Wango Lane which wasn't to bad actually. 
Unfortunately when we got home the hanging basket at the front of the hoise was on thee garden path on tahe floor, a real shame because it was really pretty. Must have blown down because there didn't seem to be anything broken, but it was qquite gusty. Aaah poor little thing it had some lovely violas, Vin is out at the front mending it.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Planting Hanging Baskets

We  were thinking about going out today for a coffee  but in the end decided not , mainly because we  are out tomorrow at the Podiatry clinic so will be outthen. So we stayed in. Well I did, Vin went to the garden centre over the way to get some planting compost. He is planning to do a hanging basket for the front of the house. He also went along to Tesco to get some petrol, abut £29 worth.The car was quite low, so was well ready for filling up. 
Then it was home for our coffees.I had a lovely cappiccino and Vin had one of his inventions! Both lovely. Sat  watching a Judge Rinder then a bit of lunch. A quite funny case involving a mother and daughter and a tractor. 
This afternoon I amup here and Vin is in the garden doing his basket.Green bin due but not been emptied yet which is annoying Vin not only because  the grey bin is due tomorrow and it is looking like there will be a line of bins on the pavements  in the morning.
Our Jane is on nights tonight so will be ringing about six thirty, on her way to work. I still their hours are rubbish.Must be terribly hard to get into a routine.

Monday, 3 October 2016


A stay in today mainly because it was a district nursey day, and you never know what time they are due to visit, so you can't really plan to go out anywhere. So it was a nice coffee at home, because she only finished at twelve which would definitely have been too late. 
later at lunchtime the doorbell went,and it was a delivery of a large box, which when opened was flowers!  the most beautiful bunch / bouquet of mixed very colourful flowers, including gerberas, of gorgeous colours, lovely  red rose (with a scent too ) unusual these days. Vin will take a picture tomorrow and I will try and put it online somewhere. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime too, she was having a quick  break because she was on an eight/eight day, which is a very long time to be working. Poor kid, no wonder she is tired!. Their shift pattern is awful, no routine to it at all. 
Vin is in the garden putting away some solar lights he has bought which he says he won't put out because the winter is approachinag so it isn't worth putating them in the garden.