Monday, 30 January 2017

Mondays Doings!

Vin got us up earlyish because the District nurses were due  to change the dressings. Since you never know what time they are coming you need to be up and prepared. As it was it got to our coffee time and we were just about to go down when the phone rang. It was the girl who had been for the last few weeks and she said she would call on her way home tonight so that would be about fourish. At least we knew where we were then, so we went down for a lovely coffeewithout worrying.
In fact she arrived just on four and was very quick and afficient, lovely goirl does them just right.  The op foot is clearing up beautifully, but the other one is a bit worse. It's a matter of waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. 
Meanwhile  Vin did some ironing, vacuumed the middle room  Bless him XXXX and rang up Specsavers about my hearing aid which they were repairing.  That is actually ready and we can collect it, which we will probably do tomorrow. 
Little jess was funny today, she came up to have a look at the DN, who has cats herself. She normally runs away from people in the house.

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