Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tiptoe Through The....

Tulips! Well maybe not quite just yet but getting there. Yesterday was a visit to the podiatry clinic for me, and they were extremely pleased with the state of the feet and how they were healing. I have another appointment at Aintree with Mr. Butcher tomorrow and I think he will be a happy bunny when he sees the results of his operation. 
Most of yesterday was taken up with the appointment which was at 2.O'clock so by the time you get back the afternoon is gone.
Today has been a sort of free day but we were waiting for a delivery from Bullens which actually came at lunchtime. Just as Vin was sitting down to eat his soup the doorbell went, isn't that typicl.!
Little Jess has just come upstairs to see me which is quite uunusual for her, she usually prefers to stay with Vin.
She looks just like this.

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