Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Blowy and Rainy. !

Not a nice day today at all, been dark and blowy all day with a good amount of drizzle to boot. 
Wehad quite a busy start to the week with two hospital appointments . Monday we went to the Podiatry clinic early afternoon. That went well and they and the Dr were pleased with the way the feet were going. Back there next Wednesday. I had a prescription for some hydrocortisone cream for one of my legs which is very itchy. That takes an age because he had to go to the pharmacy, so  we ended up having our sandwiches in front of the hospital before he went in to collect the prescription. Then home. Only snag was that when we were nearly there there was an accident in Ince Woods which caused the most horrendous queues. We were in one from Holy Family school right up to Little Crosby Church which is a fair way only moving one car at a time. Still we got home eventually. Little Jess was quite happy in her basket and didn't look like she had moved much at all. 
Yesterday we had an appointment at  Southport  Which was excellent all went well and the Dr there discharged me from thereso that's me finishedd with Southport I hope.

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