Friday, 6 January 2017

Twelth Night..

Gosh that has come round quickly!  Time to take the decorations down. The house looks so incredibly bare now with them all gone. Poor Vin has had to get everything down from the "exploding" cupboard we call it because it is a cupboard over the wardrobes that is full to bursting with the decorations and one of the trees. I helped a little bit by putting the decorations in the right aboxes but Vin won't let me move around too much so that prohibits me from taking anything else down. Maybe this year.  We have both said that we would try and get them up earlier next Christmas so you get longer with them.
Little Jess has not been worried abbout all the movement and moving of things at all. She has been asleep in her basket on the sofa just getting down for a feed or a bit of a play with her new daddy!. At one point I saw her absolutely race through the middle room and the door to the hall. I said to Vin what were you doing to her? he said oh just playing a game. What a pair.

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