Friday, 13 January 2017

Going Nowhere!

We were going to go out today but in the event we were both comfy in the bed and so didn't get up till later. One of the benefits of being retired. :) :) 
Since neither of us really fancied going out, and didn't quite know how the weather was going to go we decided to stop in instead. Vin can always find bits and pieces to do, and I like messing about on the computer catching up with some of the forums, we can find stuff to do.
Last night Vin put a collar on Jess. All of our cats have had collars on in the past, I always think it makes them look more like part of the family. He has tried her in the past but she has resisted trying to get them off. Last night he put it on her neck and she was going at it again so he started to play with her to distract her and it worked!  She totally forgot it was on and settled in her basket without any trouble. Still had it on this morning so that is great. She is now the proud owner of a sweet little black and white collar. 
Finding a nice warm spot to sit in. 

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