Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Haircut Day...

We  weren't going anywhere today so when I got up I told Vin to go and get his hair cut.! It was getting longer and longer and properly curling up over his collar. So we had our breakfast and off he went. Firstly we had to go through the rigmarole of "if the queue is too long I'm not going in! which is what he says every time he goes to the barbers :)
He rang up after a while to say he had his hair done and there was only one man in the queue and he had a crew cut so he was quite quick. It looks great and I'm sure it makes him feel better being nice and tiday. He actually said that it was the beginning of September when he last went!!

I have given up with my hair! it is horrible. Just made do with washing it today so it looks reasonable for going out to the hospital tomorrow to the podiatry clinic.It is so thin, never really recovered from the hospitalisation last year. I keep waiting for it to grow a bit, but it's a long wait. :)
Jane was on nights last night so I don't expect her to ring today.  It appears that quite a few of the people on the Delia site that I use have had it happen to them or a member of their family. I didn't realise it was so widespread. It is a closed site so no fear of others seeing by the way.  She rang yesterday and said she still had the gift cards her Dad and I bought her for Christmas so she could use those for her bits and bobs and still have a bit of dosh on her. Hope her new card comes soon. 

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