Friday, 27 January 2017

Brrrr It's Winter!

Certainly winter with a vengeance. Podiatry clinic on Wednesday afternoon, where it was cold and draughty but not freezing. I was expecting a short and sweet simple change of dressings then home, but it wasn't to be. They were a bit concerned about another of my toes that had just had a little dressing on but had suddenly become red so she sent for a Dr to prescribe some antibiotics.. again!! Ah well never mind. Thus we were late going home so didn't have time to go to the garden centre over the road to look for a present for John's birthday.
Therefore we had to go to Dobbies on Thursday.
No great difficulty going there because we had our free coffees at the same time. I had a gorgeous cappuccino and Vin had a Latte. The only trouble was that it was absolutely freezing! Bitterly cold day to start with, and it is placed in a really windy spot, So the wind chill factor really kicks in. Poor Vin had to brave it twice because he goes in for some wheels for me, brings them back to the car, then wheels me round. Oh dear, I do tire him out and feel very guilty about it too. 
We had a good look round and settled on a book of poems by Pam Ayres, and a wooden sign with a poodle on it, saying welcome to the house where the humans pay the bills but the poodle rules the roost.  Hope he thinks that a bit of fun ! Dobbies was really cold actually, I felt very sorry for the girl on the till, every time the doors open she was blasted with cold air.  
Still cold today, frost on the cars this morning. Jane is on nights tonight in the Children's hospital, Wonder if she managed to get her coat. She has a voucher that expires on the 3`st so needs to use it up, it's for £25 off so worth getting.  She will probably ring tonight so leet us know how she is doing.  She had a cold yesterday so hope it hasn't got worse.  . 

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