Thursday, 5 January 2017

Cold Today!

Cold today indeed. We hadn't planned to go out anywhere because we were waiting in for the District nurse to come and dress my feet. You never know what time they are coming so you cannot plan to go anywhere anyway. Today she came at twelve o'clock, and she rang up first because she didn't now  which our house was. Probably because our houses have names not numbers.  Anyway she was nice and made a good job of them so sorted till Monday when we go to Podiatry. I think they will be quite pleased with the way they are going.
Decorations down tomorrow so that hate doing that, the house looks so bare when they have gone.
I love our decorations, we have built up some really nice ones over the years.
Little Jess still playing, probably waiting for Daddy to chase her. or to trip me up. 

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