Monday, 23 January 2017

All Sorts!

Couldn't think of another title:) but no matter. Quite cokld here this weekend, Vin didn't go to Tesco on Saturday but he did go to Crosby on Sunday instead. We had been to the Co-op in Aintree on Friday after seeing Mr Butcher so had stocked up a bit there.Saturday was a cold day anyway so we stopped in a and did bits and bobs, and little Jess benefitted from us being in the house too. 
Poor Jane rang up Saturday night to say she had found that her bank balance was much lower than it should be so on Sunday she was on an eight to eight long day and ussed a break to ring her bank. They checked her transactions and found some large ones totally around £750 !!! Good jpb she rang. Had her card cancelled  and a new one is being sent out to her. But, the inconvenience is horrible for her. She can't pinpoint where it was done, but it's so common these days who knows. It appears that it only stopped because her card had got to the maximum. Mine waas done a couple of years  ago and the bank picked up on it because it was used in Japan!!! Good job they did because it would have gone on a lot longer!! I didn't lose out neither will Jane but it must be costing the banks billions. Why aren't they doing more about it?
They never seem to catch anybody either. So that is two mambers of our family of three who have been done for the same thing. 
District nurse this morning a really nice very efficient and good one. Did a great job of the bandages. Hopefully the feet are getting there and I should be measured for "proper" shoes soon.

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