Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Are we Hibernating?

No not really. The thing is when you are retired you can choose just what you want to do, and this morning we woke up to dark and drizzle and very uncertain weather so we decided we would stop in since neither of us was fired up to go out anyway.  Probably tomorrow. 
It is actually quite cool today too, I have put my fleece jacket on again after wearing a much lighter one for the past few weeks.  Vin got a letter from Ebico the gas firm today about the gas bill, and it going up. It was very confusing and he was an age working out which was the best tariff to go for, when he did he then tried to contact the number but was put on one of those music hold lines for ever. Why are they always awful tunes. When he eventually got through he was dealt with quite quickly and efficiently by the sound of it and it was all sorted.
Little Jessie hasn't been around much but then again she never is once she is fed and watered at morning time.  Shr did move around lunchtime to crawl up to her Daddy's neck and give him a nuzzle. AAAh!
 She sprawls on the back of the sofa looking  lovely. XXX  doesn't come on me though.

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