Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Awake early this morning because I had a hair appointment at 10.30. The plan was to just have a baby coffee on waking then go to breakfast.Got ready to go out then and had a little bit of time on the computer before we went out.  Cloudy to begin with but beautifully sunny now, and Vin is in the garden doing a bit of weed burning. 
Good hairdresser, I have actually been going for years and always had a good cut, this time was no exception. Helen has made a great job of it doing a nice spiky fringe and shortened the back where it had got straggly. Vin picked me up when I was finished, and we were going to go for a coffee out, but in fact it was too early for us so we came home to have our coffees at from the machine instead. nice and cheap, and good biscuits too.
Little Jessie got up early this morning, before us actually, and was sitting on the bed gazing lovingly at her daddy. Then once fed it was in her basket and there she stayed till we came home again. Now I think she is in the garden with him hope she keeps out of the way of the weed burner.

Trying to hide do you think?

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