Monday, 10 July 2017

Pigs Ears!!

We will get to them later. Just another Monday otherwise. Vin decided to do the ironing mainly of the bedding. We will probably have a fairly quiet week, with no appointments apart from the foot operation one on Friday. That will be a very early start since we have to be there by seven in the morning. Oh my goodness that is so early for a person who isn't a morning person. Never mind, bite the bullet. 
 Not too bad today, a bit overcast and cloudy now but was quite nice earlier. Sine little Jessie woke her Daddy up at six o'clock this morning she had some food then went into her basket. This is the basket that was destined for the charity shop till she decided that she was going to use it in the front room where it is nice and quiet. She did wake up around lunchtime, ours not hers although she does get fed when she wants some. She certainly has her Daddy wrapped round her little paws! 
This is what she does most evenings, she likes nuzzling up to his face from the back of the sofa. Judging by the look on his face he doesn't mind very much either. 
Now to the Pigs Ears. We got a leaflet through the door this morning advertising all manner of goods for sale of items for dogs and cats for delivery. You can apparently get a bag of them, plus other horrible stuff like tripe and "other" offal , liver, etc., etc., Absolutely horrible especially for Vegetarians, which we are. 
Jessie isn't though, she eats normal cat food.

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