Monday, 3 July 2017

In Today

Just another mundane Monday!  Since we had to go out yesterday to the dressings clinic in Litherland,Vin didn't do his usual Sainsburys run so he did that this morning instead. We were up quite late but got got going fairly quickly, so he went off to Crosby in good time to get back for his coffee time.  Always important in our house. 
I did a bit of mooching about on the computer upstairs, but nothing much going on, quite quiet today in fact. 
Jane rang at lunchtime, she was on her way to the shop to get a sandwich, so was on a break, but will ring properly when she finishes at eight.
Little Jessie didn't wake her daddy up early this morning and we think it was because it was darker this morning. She has been quiet today and in her basket in the front room most of the day.  Vin says she is nocturnal and wakes up at night!
 You can tell who she loves in this house!!

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