Friday, 7 July 2017

Tootsie Check!

Up early this morning, Vin was woken up much earlier by the puss who was around at five o'clock! That is definitely too early for me, he must love her because he said he had his hand out of the bed to cool it and then he felt this licking and it was madam  trying to get him up to feed her. He did go down then and made himself a cup of tea and came back to bed. I had no idea he had gone, one of the advantages of being deaf.  Then he got moving at about eightish, made quite good time and left the house at nine thirty. 
Seated in the podiatry clinic at ten when my appointment was for  but didn't get in to the podiatry room till twenty to eleven so a bit of a wait, which there always is on a doctor day.  The foot was undressed and she came in to look, said that it looked fine for the operation next Friday, foot redressed and we were done.  Had a nice chat with Rachel who lives over the line to us at home, and we were talking about her two girls who we had known since they were tiny and walking over the bridge witheir daddy and their bikes to the school bus. She is going to be a granny come November, my, doesn't time fly. 
Little Jessie was in her basket in the front room when we left and she was still there when we came back! What a life, mind she was up at five so she was probably tired! That's what Vin said anyway. The only time she moved was when the doorbell went with a parcel for our next door neighbour, and she belted upstairs like she had been shot. Aaah!
This is what Vin sees first thing in the morning when he wakes up, a little face on his tummy, trying to get him up, and it works!

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